Of course, you might be asking – can I really do this?

Sure you can!!

A Lodge can only succeed with the proper mechanism in place to let its membership thrive and for each Lodge member to develop his skills.

Typically, in the Lodge there is the Director of Ceremonies who usually acts as the *Lodge of Instruction Preceptor. His job is to ensure the meeting runs smoothly and encourage Brethren as they progress through the various offices in the Lodge.

Most, if not all, Lodges have a Lodge Membership Officer and a Mentor Officer.

It would be fair to say that the whole membership are keen to see you develop and will enjoy watching your journey as you progress within the Lodge.

Outside the Lodge there is the Foundation Club. The club is designed for new Freemasons giving them the opportunity to share experiences and ideas and to widen their social circle.

The Foundation Club also has many social and interesting functions for you to enjoy.

*Lodge of Instruction – During the course of the Masonic season Lodges meet mostly once per week for rehearsals for forthcoming meetings.